We at Grans IT are working to provide the best of modern technology and services through a professional team as well as local and international strategic partners by business requirements in order to provide the best local and global practices. Interdependence with our clients in the first place. We are connected by a network of partners and allies. And we are also associated with our competitors. It’s a connected world, and we must be in the circle of contact.

What we are best known for:

We offer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management software in Namibia that can be customized to each business and organization. The ERP systems can collect, store, manage, automate, and interpret data from many business activities. The ERP Systems we develop or source can comprise of many modules and features while offering you real-time view of the organizations business process, financial standings, marketing initiatives, and where resources are being utilized. Having the right information and tools would provide an advantage from time savings, expedited business processes, better financial planning, and stronger relationships with your partners – as long as you have us by your side.