Grans IT was asked to be partners with APLI Namibia in building their identity online with a Website. The project was led by Sam Mandela Uutoni who stems with experience in Regional Development. Gotlieb Nakuumba, one of the Web Developers from Grans IT was asked to also work on this project and cater for the Organizations technical needs. The project scope was to build and carry on maintaining the Website long after the launch as part of the Grans IT Corporate Social Responsibility.

Grans IT has agreed to take on the project because it believes in the organizations mandate:

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative (APLI Namibia) is an earnest vision born out of the aspiration to develop and mobilize change-makers, innovators and young leaders in diverse fields across Namibia. The ethos of APLI stems from need to address the shortage of skills, resources and networks that young people need to fully realize their goals and create sustainable change in their communities. A priority area for APLI is leadership development. In addition to assisting young people acquire soft and hard skills, there are focused efforts in ensuring that these newly-acquired skills translate into successful ventures in their communities.

If you would like to access the project website, access it here: and if you would like to contact the team at APLI Namibia, please email them here:

Here is the homepage